The FIN Townsville Committee has made several important decisions:

Firstly, all drop-in support group meetings will be cancelled until further notice

Secondly, FIN support work volunteers will continue to be available to talk by phone with FIN families either on the FIN phone 0402 254 984, or on support workers' personal numbers if you have their number

Thirdly, support worker volunteers will remain available (provided they keep well) to offer support with Child Safety and at court related business, either in person (but only if safe to do so and allowed within the Qld crisis guidelines) or by connecting by phone

Fourthly, FIN Tsv will be gathering information on how this COVID 19 crisis impacts on how Child Safety works with parents and families, especially in relation to reducing or cancelling contact with children.  Please let us know whenever something happens that shouldn't and COVID 19 is used as an excuse.

Fifthly,  Fundraising opportunities for FIN Tsv will be severely reduced over the coming months.  As you well know FIN Tsv is self funded so we need to keep raising funds as best we can so that FIN Tsv can survive this crisis and emerge intact and as strong as ever when it ends.  Please, if you accumulate cans and bottles at home  would you willing and able to save them for FIN Tsv to redeem?  We would be willing to drive to your place and collect them in a trailer.  Just let us know. Furthermore, a few FIN friends still in work may be able to make donations over the coming months to FIN Tsv.  Please feel welcome to do so and, remember, all donations to FIN Tsv are tax deductable.

Sixthly,  There is a FIN Townsville Facebook page.  We would encourage you to keep an eye on this over the next few months to keep up to date with what's happening.  There will also be a FIN Tsv Newsletter circulated at some stage inn the coming months.

Thank you for your support of FIN and if YOU need support please make contact by phone. 0402 254 984

Meanwhile do please maintain social distancing and keep safe and well.