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As a parent, what are my rights under a ‘Care Agreement’?question

Both you and your child have the same rights as you would if there was a CPO in place.

How long does a ‘Care Agreement’ last?question


Remember there are two types of Care Agreements:

1. Assessment Care Agreement – must not be longer than 30 days and cannot be extended.

2. Child Protection Care Agreement – initially should be no longer than 30 days duration. However, they can be extended for a period of up to 6 months.

TIP: It is important to remember that before an extension is granted, a case plan must be made. Read the tips on page --------- before you go to a family group meeting.


Am I able to STOP a Care Agreement?question

YES – at any time during the Care Agreement, BUT you must give Child Safety two (2) days notice.

HOWEVER – Be aware that Child Safety can then apply for a Court Order to remove the child and assess any suspected harm to the child.

NOTE: If Child Safety gets a CPO granting custody / guardianship of the child to them, any Care Agreement automatically expires.


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