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judgeCourt Orders

Assessment Orders – allow Child Safety to investigate and assess whether the child is in need of protection.

Assessment Order Types:

document1. Temporary Assessment Order (3 days)

document2. Court Assessment Order (4 weeks)


NOTE: These orders can be extended once only for the same duration but only with court approval.


woman readingTemporary Assessment Orders (Emergency Orders)

Lasts for 3 days maximum and a court hearing is not required.

A Magistrate can issue this order by telephone, fax or radio.

judgeUnder this order, a Magistrate can:

• Order a medical examination.
• Permit the Police or Child Safety to have contactwith the child.
• Allow the Police or Child Safety to enter and search a property if parents have denied access. If it is deemed necessary, the Police or Department have the powers to take the child into care.
• Order contact with a parent/s: supervised, unsupervised or not at all.

NOTE: Child Safety must give you a copy of the order and explain the terms of the order as soon as possible after the order is issued.

woman readingCourt Assessment Orders or CAO

Lasting for up to 4 weeks maximum, before a CAO is granted:

• Parent/s should have first received all court documents (or reasonable attempts were made by
Child Safety to do this).
• It is deemed necessary to assess whether a child is in need of protection and this cannot be
determined by alternative means (i.e. through your consent).

Under this court order, a Magistrate has the same powers as above.



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