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Child Protection Orders (CPOs)

What is a Child Protection Order or CPO? question

child drawingA CPO is an order made by the court where it has been determined that the child is in need of protection.


woman with fileChild Safety must then prove that:

• Harm has, or is likely to occur and

• There are no parents willing and able to provide protection for the child.grandma and child


judgeBefore a CPO is issued, the court considers:

• Whether parent/s have been given the court documents (or reasonable attempts were made by Child Safety to do this).

• Whether an appropriate Case Plan has been made & shown to the Court.

• If the order has been contested, a Case Conference was held.

child views• Whether the child’s views or requests have been publicised to the Court (if possible).

• A parent/s’ criminal, traffic and domestic violence history and reports undertaken by Child Safety (and if required, reports on other adult members in your household).

• Whether the protection of the child can be achieved by less intrusive terms.


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