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1. Directions Order court

Least intrusive order lasting no more than 1 year.

This order instructs that a parent do or not do something to protect the child.

2. Protective Supervision Order family

Lasting up to 1 year.

This order allows Child Safety to supervise the child while the child remains in the care of their parent/s.

3. Short Term Custody Order grandad and girl

Lasting up to 2 years this order grants custody of the child to Child Safety or a suitable family member.


4. Short Term Guardianship court

Lasting up to 2 years, this order grants short term guardianship of the child to Child Safety.

5. Long Term Guardianship family

Lasting until the child turns 18 years of age. This order grants long term guardianship to Child Safety, a suitable family member or other person.


stop signNOTE: The Court can order that a parent has no contact or only supervised contact with their children under any of theses orders.



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