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How to Prepare for Court woman reading

legal advice 1. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE before you go.

2. Wear NEAT and CONSERVATIVE CLOTHING woman in court

as it shows the Court you are serious.

woman with file3. PREPARE for Court!

• It will help your case if you READ ALL DOCUMENTS given to you by Child Safety.
• WRITE DOWN what you don’t agree with.
• Give ALL OF THE ABOVE information to your lawyer.

4. THINK ABOUT what questions you may be asked in Court. man thinking

TAKE NOTES with you about what you want to say.

BE AWARE, however, that anything you say will be used to make a final decision.


idea bulbUSEFUL TIP!

Prepare for Court by getting copies of files / informationChild Safety has about you

by applying EARLY through Freedom of Information. phone and diary

NOTE: It can take weeks to obtain this information (Child Safety has to respond to an application within 45 days).

So get in early!

You can get the Freedom of Information form from:

NOTE: On the forms, remember to request all paper and electronic files, notes, letters and entries on yourself. document



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