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Court Ordered Conferences


Court Ordered Conferences occur if you contest the application made by Child Safety.

The meeting is chaired by a court appointed official and the aim is to get an agreement between you and Child Safety, to avoid going to a hearing.

You can be represented by a lawyer .support services

idea bulbTIP: These meetings are confidential and what you say CANNOT be used in court. However, a report outlining the outcome of the meeting is presented to the Court afterwards.


Make sure you prepare beforehand! woman reading


questionOther FAQ’s

What if I haven’t been told about Court Proceedings?


SEEK LEGAL ADVICE immediately! You must be ‘served’ the documents properly. (This
means that all court documents must be given to you in person). lawyer

What if I don’t go to Court?

courtThe case can be decided without you – provided that Child Safety can prove that they have given you copies of the court documents (or made reasonable attempts to do so) within a reasonable time before the scheduled hearing.



What happens if there is a Court Order already?


Read the order – get legal help if there is something you do not understand. Depending on when the order was made, you have 28 days to appeal the decision. lawyer


stop signNOTE: You only have 28 days after the decision was made to appeal it.



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