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What if I don’t agree with a decision?

You can appeal a decision but ...

REMEMBER that this must be done within 28 days of the decision being made!calendar

courtThe appeal is to the District Court and you must use Form 96 – available from the Court Registry or online at:

On this form, write a CLEAR statement detailing why you believe the decision is wrong or unfair and get a lawyer to check it for you. document

Lodge the form with the District Court of Queensland.

Once an order is made, can the order be changed?

Yes – The order can be varied or revoked by making an application to the Court.

An order will only be revoked if it is proven that the order is no longer necessary to protect the child from harm.

Seek legal advice immediately if you are considering thislawyer

What happens if I refuse to do what the order says?

judgeYou can be charged with an offence.

A warrant can be issued for an officer to enter and search a premises and remove a child if you prevent the child from being taken into care, or if you take the child from the person who has been appointed the custodian.


stop signNOTE: Interstate orders can be enforced here and orders made in Queensland can be enforced in other states.

Seek legal advice if you are experiencing problems with interstate



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