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Preparation for Family Group Meetings


Preparation for Family Group Meetings includes:

• Case Planning, Case Plan Reviews and Court Ordered Conferences. meeting

questionWhat should I do to prepare for these meetings?

Look at the aforementioned notes

questionAsk yourself:

• What are your goals? Do you want reunification?
• What do you want to achieve?
• What sort of contact do you want? How long for? Who with?
• What decisions would you like to be involved in? (e.g. health, education, doctors appointments etc)
• What support would you like from Child Safety?

It is best to try as much as possible to focus on what’s best for the child. child drqwing

timid womanDon’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you are represented by a lawyer at these meetings discuss with your lawyer the questions that you would like to ask. lawyer
Do this before the meeting so you can be properly prepared.


question markSuggested Questions


What does Child Safety want?

What does Child Safety want me to do?

stop signNOTE: If Child Safety wants you to do course:


• How long will this take? Will they pay for it?
• Ask why then do they want a 2 year order if a course is likely to take only 6 months?
• Will they give you notice if they intend to visit your home?

• What type of contact, how long for and how regular?twin girls

• If contact is supervised, when can unsupervised contact start?

• If Child Safety offers supervised contact is there a relative you would prefer contact happen with?

(NOTE: Child Safety will have to assess them as suitable)


stop signREMEMBER

You can ask for ‘time out’ at any time, especially if you need to think about a Child Safety proposal
before you agree to it



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