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Making a complaint is sometimes the only option if you want to change things.

idea bulbThe following are some tips to read before you make a complaint:

1. REMEMBER to record every conversation you have with a Child Safety worker. Record the name of every Child Safety worker you spoke to as well as the date and time you spoke to them.

2. If you are not getting calls returned, record the number of times you attempted to make contact.

TIP: A diary helps!phone and diary

court3. Ask for paperwork. If you get paperwork late and you have a Court date, then you can ask the court for more time to look at the paperwork and get legal advice.

4. If you receive a letter from Child Safety that you do not agree with, then it is important that you reply in a letter what your side of the story is. letter


Child Safety Internal Review

stressed woman If you are having problems with Child Safety workers, then there are a number of things you can do.

Options include:

1. Talking with your Child Safety Officer or their Team Leader.angry meeting

stop signREMEMBER: If you do come to some agreement it is best to put in writing (in a letter addressed to the Child Safety Officer or Team Leader you spoke to) confirming what was agreed to.


NOTE: Always seek legal advice regarding your particular circumstances.This is a basic guide only.



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