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Is this Information Kit for me?    

Dictionary of Important Terms  

What is Child Protection?   

What is Harm?  

Child Protection Act (CPA) Child Protection Principles   

Part 1: The Investigation Stage   

What to do when Child Safety makes first Contact 

If Child Safety contacts me regarding suspected child abuse or neglect  

Can I refuse to let Child Safety Services into my home?

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   

Part 2: Intervention with Parents’ Agreement 

Definition of a “Care Agreement  

Important tips to note regarding “Care Agreements”

Care Agreements – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Part 3: What should I do if I receive notice to attend Court ? 

Court Orders

Child Protection Orders (CPOs)  

Types of Child Protection Orders 

Court Process    

How to Prepare for Court  

At Court 

Court Ordered Conferences  

Other FAQs  

Court Decisions   

Placing a Child in Care  

Children’s Rights  

Family Group Meetings 

Case Planning Meetings

Preparation for Family Group Meetings 

Suggested Questions to ask at Family Group Meetings 

SCAN Meetings


Child Safety Internal Review          



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