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familyIs This Information Kit For Me?

This kit contains general information only and is not legal advice.

The kit is a basic guide about the rights and obligations for parents of children
who are in the care of Queensland’s Department of Communities, Child
Safety Services or are being investigated by the Department.

The information is current as of July 2009 and FIN (Qld) Townsville
strongly encourages people to seek legal advice regarding their particular circumstances.


Dictionary of Important Terms question

father and sonParent:

Refers to a child’s biological mother, father or significant other exercising parental responsibility for the child.

atsi grandparentsA parent of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child includes an individual who is regarded as a parent under Aboriginal or Island custom. Please seek legal advice if you are unsure whether you are a parent and have the rights / obligations as a ‘parent’ under the Child Protection Act1999.

Custody: story teller

Is the right and responsibility to make decisions about the child’s daily care and to have the daily care of the child.

anglo grandparentsGuardianship:

Refers to both the daily care and long term decisions regarding a child’s care, welfare and development.

Notification: telephone

A report made by an individual to the Department of Communities, Child Safety Services about suspected child abuse and / or neglect.


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