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What is Child Protection and Harm?

The Child Protection Act 1999 (CPA) advises the Courts, Child Safety Services and the community at large in what to do regarding Child Protection.

judgeA Child Protection Order (CPO) can be made if it is assessed that:

1. A child has suffered harm (past), is suffering harm (present) or is at risk of suffering harm (future) and;


2. Does not have a parent able and willing to protect childrena nd blocks

questionWhat is Harm?

The CPA defines ‘harm’ as ‘any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the child’s physical, psychological or emotional well-being’.

Harm can include:

• physical, psychological or emotional abuse and neglect; or
• sexual abuse or exploitation.


So What Does This Mean?

Child Safety Services must prove that:cso

1. Harm has, is or is likely to occur and;

2. There is no parent able or willing to protect the child from harm.


To assess if harm has occurred, Child Safety Services can:

• Investigate the reported concerns;
• Organise with parental consent, a Care Agreement;
• Apply for a Temporary Assessment Order;
• Apply for a Court Assessment Orde
r. cso



Child Safety Services can be request a Child Protection Order from the Court if they believe that:

• the child is in need of ongoing protection and;
• the above criteria has been met.




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