Open House Support Meetings



The next FIN Townsville Drop-in gathering will be held on Tuesday 18th May, 2021from 10:30am to 1.00pm at our NEW house at 85 Albany Road, Pimlico. There is parking on the street, as well as two driveways.

teapot and cupSnacks will be provided and tea/coffee available for all.

Drop in for a safe place to share our stories, get the information we need and the support to use it. Also for fun and friendship. Look forward to catching up with you then and there.

* Please bring a mask if required and remember COVID conditions.

All FIN Townsville Parents, grandparents, supporters will be most welcome.

The FIN Open House Support and Information morning teas are held on the first and third Tuesdays in the month.

FINfamilyThe 10 Top Reasons to Attend a Support Group

10. There are usually empty seats, refreshments are often served and there is always a rest room nearby
9.  If you don't want to talk you can always listen
8.  People discover it's OK to care about oneself
7.  Knowledge is Power
6.  Anger, Grief and Loss are common feelings that it's OK to talk about
5.  Hope and encouragement are important gifts of the group
4.  Shared feelings, not solutions, give the group power
3.  Living with difficult life situations colours life, but you choose the colour
2.  One of the rewards of Life is that no one can seriously help another without also helping themselves


1. Where else can you go where people will understand how you are feeling?


All parents, grandparents, significant others and FIN supporters are welcome.