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Rosamund Thorpe:

Professor of Social Work & Community Welfare School of Arts & Social Sciences James Cook University Townsville, Queensland, Australia 4811.

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Colin Braiding

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To ensure that parents and family members have access to the information, support and advocacy they require to actively and equitably participate in the child protection process.

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In recent years there have been horror stories profiled in the media of appalling instances of child abuse. Such instances are reprehensible and deserve society's strongest condemnation. As a group, parents of children removed into care have been typecast as cruel and uncaring, utterly undeserving of sympathy or support. However there is evidence to support the claim that the vast majority of cases bear little resemblance to the few that hit the headlines (Scott, 2006).

Parents who lose their children into care not only experience profound loss, but many suffer from extreme powerlessness in relation to the child protection system of government departments, non-government agencies and children's courts (Thorpe & Thompson, 2004).

Children also experience grief and loss when separation from biological parents and family occurs. Children need parents who can be suported to grow learn and understand the significance of their parenting in ensuring their well-being and safety. Therefore children need to be supported and represented throughout the child protection process including at separation and reunification periodsin a culture that is trauma sensitive and responsive to parents and children.