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Become a Member

Annual General Meetings are held in October of each year. We welcome all supporters to become a member. Your $20 per year membership fee assists our volunteers in supporting families around Townsville. Being a member gives you a voice in what you’d like to see happening with FIN. You will receive email updates about FIN’s work, including research and community […]

The 10 Top Reasons to Attend a Support Group

Where else can you go where people will understand how you are feeling? One of the rewards of Life is that no one can seriously help another without also helping themselves Living with difficult life situations colours life, but you choose the colour Shared feelings, not solutions, give the group power Hope and encouragement are important gifts of the group […]

Family Inclusion

A Statement Of Belief: Children and young people in the child protection system remain part of their families and as such remain important stakeholders in the child protection process. Therefore partnership with parents is fundamental regardless of difficulties such as age, gender, disability, mental health status, socio-economic status or criminal record. Parents, life and cultural circumstances must and will be […]