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The 10 Top Reasons to Attend a Support Group

The 10 Top Reasons to Attend a Support Group

  • Where else can you go where people will understand how you are feeling?
  • One of the rewards of Life is that no one can seriously help another without also helping themselves
  • Living with difficult life situations colours life, but you choose the colour
  • Shared feelings, not solutions, give the group power
  • Hope and encouragement are important gifts of the group
  • Anger, Grief and Loss are common feelings that it’s OK to talk about
  • Knowledge is Power
  • People discover it’s OK to care about oneself
  • If you don’t want to talk you can always listen
  • There are usually empty seats, refreshments are often served and there is always a rest room nearby

All parents, grandparents, significant others and FIN supporters are welcome.

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